Will Grinds Help You Quit Nicotine and Tobacco?

If you’ve never tried Grinds Coffee Pouches, you may be wondering if it really works. Can Grinds really help people quit their nicotine and tobacco addiction? What happens when they quit? We reached out to a long-time Grinds user, Leif, to give you insight on what it’s like to quit and how Grinds has helped him overcome a life-long addiction!

Our Interview with Leif


Grinds: First off, how did you hear about Grinds Coffee Pouches?

Leif: I found your ad on Facebook while going through my timeline one day.

Grinds: What is your go-to Grinds flavor? Which one helped you quit?

Leif: Black Coffee is my favorite.

Grinds: When and where did your addiction to nicotine and tobacco begin?

Leif: My tobacco addiction started way back in 1992 at the age of 12. The group of friends I grew up with and I were "bad boys" and we always were a bit on the edge. Both my best friend and I had parents who smoked so it started from stealing a cigarette or two from our parents and then progressed further until we were both addicted. My best friend had passed by the time we were 19 years old from a motorcycle accident and I continued to smoke. In my mid-20's I started working for a tile installation company where my boss chewed. Because of the ease of use and not having to take breaks I naturally started to chew as well. 

Grinds: And how long did you use tobacco or nicotine products before committing to quit?

Leif: I used tobacco for 27 years before I decided that I really wanted to quit.

Grinds: What was the main factor to your decision to quit? Did you quit for someone? 

Leif: Both my brother and his wife smoked for many years and his wife got the tragic news that she had throat cancer. She felt the lump by accident while her and my brother were horsing around and she decided to have it checked out, and they gave her the news. She and my brother immediately quit using tobacco. Being that they were both 2 years older than I was, I became afraid for my future and my health. I immediately decided that I needed to do something about my addiction and that's when I committed to quitting. I quit for my family. 


"I have a wife and two little girls. I wanted to be around as long as possible in their lives."


Grinds: How old were you when you decided to quit?

Leif: I was 39 years old when I decided to quit

Grinds: What health/emotional benefits have you noticed since quitting?

Leif: Not having a dip in my mouth every second of every single day is nice. I find myself more hydrated because I'm not spitting excessively, and I find myself with a bit more energy with the black coffee pouches. I also find myself not as worried about my health and feel that I will be around a long time for my family. Thank you SO much Grinds from the bottom of my heart, thank you. My family thanks you too!!!!

Grinds: What advice would you give to someone who is on the fence about quitting tobacco or nicotine?

Leif: It's going to be hard at first but you can do this. You are stronger than your addiction and you have a HUGE help in Grinds pouches. Remember, you're only given one hour glass in life and you can't flip it over and start again. Quit now and live as long as you possibly can for your loved ones. It's worth it!!!


 Did you know: 4 out of 5 Grinds users say that Grinds has helped them cut down their tobacco and nicotine use or quit completely!



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