Quit Chewing


1) Set a quit date. Decide on a specific date to START your quit. Make it a big deal. Tell people you know, commemorate it with a new routine or special meal. Day one is a big deal!

2) Make a plan and write it down. Did you know that by simply writing a goal down on paper you increase your odds of achieving that goal between 20-40%? Don’t over think this step -- just do it. Write down WHY your quitting chewing tobacco, WHEN you want to be tobacco free (90 days is a good goal), and a couple key steps to get the job done. Examples include: throwing away all your dip, drinking more water, having a replacement ready.

3) Find a replacement. This is where Grinds can help. In order to break your tobacco habit you need to replace it with a new one. First. you need to get rid of all your dip (you wouldn’t keep photos of your ex would you) and load up on whatever it is you’re going to replace it with. Estimate how much dip you use in a week, and make sure you have enough ammunition to last at least one full week to get past the first phase. It’s going to take time to get used to your new habit and believe it or not as you detox from tobacco the way things taste may actually change for the first week. You need to commit to a new habit with a new product to get past the physical changes your body will experience for the first week.

All habits -- old and new -- can actually be broken down into three key phases:

  1. The Trigger - something gets you to reach for a can/chew
  2. The Routine - this is where you actually pop a pouch in your mouth
  3. The Reward - you need to get some form of mental and/or physical satisfaction from the routine to build a long-term habit

Where most people fail with changing habits is that they ignore getting the reward that comes with the new routine! You can’t swap cookies for brocolli! When it comes to quitting chewing tobacco, the reward you need to satisfy is both the oral fixation and flavor you get from dip -- it needs to taste good -- AND you need to replace the nicotine addiction. With Grinds, you are trading your tobacco for coffee and your nicotine for caffeine.

Grinds 1-2 punch to quit chewing tobacco: coffee + caffeine instead of nicotine and tobacco!

4) Stay COMMITTED. Stay consistent and Grind it out! Sign up for our subscription to stay tobacco-free. If you want a shortcut to staying committed tell someone you trust when your start date is and the day that you are committed to being tobacco free. Just telling someone you respect will subconsciously help you stay committed.