Team Grinds

Providing a Healthy Alternative to Tobacco For Professional Baseball

"If you dip or chew and you’re looking for a way to get off it but also looking for something you enjoy doing that’s not as dangerous--no question-- I’d recommend it because it helped me."

Bruce Bochy, Manager, San Francisco Giants

"Grinds are pretty sweet. Instead of carrying a cup of coffee around which could be kind of difficult at times, you just throw it in and it gives you a little jump of energy."

Jeff Samardzija, San Francisco Giants

Used on Air, Land, and Sea by U.S. Armed Forces


"I have been dipping tobacco products for over 25 years. After several unsuccessful attempts using other non tobacco products and prescription medication I was turned onto Grinds. I am now tobacco free thanks to your fine product. It is very satisfying and gives a great energy boost. A huge fan."

Senior Chief Gene Moye, U.S. Navy SEAL

"Your product solves our problems in many ways... It's a compact, easily packable or pocket-able product. It's an extremely cheap alternative to the $2-3, 100-200 calorie energy drinks soldiers are buying. They can be used anywhere, at any time.They can be used while laying in an ambush position, or on a run. They can be used in long briefs or in formation where spitting is prohibited."

SGT Derek H., U.S. Army

In the Locker Room and on the Field in the NFL

"During the season it is great because it gives me that boost I get from coffee without being handcuffed by a mug. I can take it with me from the office to the field and I don’t have to worry about it getting cold."

Vic Fangio, Chicago Bears, Defensive Coordinator

"You know what I noticed in the defensive-line room of the San Diego Chargers on Thursday? Grinds Coffee Pouches. They’re used by players instead of tobacco, little pouches of coffee that give the same kind of energy jolt that the tobacco does ... and they don’t carry the danger of tobacco. 'Lots of guys use it. They like it. It’s safer,' Dwight Freeney told me."

From Peter King, Sports Illustrated, MMQB

Used On and Off the Ice by 15 NHL Teams

"If you haven't already u gotta follow and give there product a try!!"

Josh Gorges, Buffalo Sabres on Twitter

"Time for my morning coffee!!! Thanks"

TJ Oshie, Washington Capitals on Twitter