Sampler Packs
Our Sampler packs allow you to try our top flavors! See which ones you like best.
Best of 2020 - 3 Pack
Our best flavors individually selected for one great 3 pack!
Quit Tobacco Pack
A brand new pack with former and current tobacco chewers in mind!
6 Can Sampler
Not sure what to get? Choose our 6 Can Sampler and experience the best Grinds has to offer!
The Top 4 Sampler Pack
Grinds’ Top 4 Flavors chosen by flavor aficionados who make the daily grind. Includes Spearmint, Vanilla, Wintergreen and New Orleans Style.
New 3 Can Sampler
The rule of three suggests that Spearmint, Wintergreen and Irish Cream were made to be together.
Super Six Pack
Our New Super Six Pack Sampler includes the top flavors of 2020. It includes one can of Caramel, Vanilla, Black Coffee, Wintergreen, Cinnamon Roll, and Spearmint!
The Mint Sampler Pack!
The mintiest sampler pack yet! 4 cans. Now includes Spearmint.
New Year's in July Pack
Try each of our 13 flavors and get 25% off the retail value!
2x Caffeine Pack
Our 3 newest flavors in 1 pack. Each with DOUBLE the caffeine!
Check out our other flavors
Black Coffee
Irish Cream
Mint Chocolate
New Orleans Style
Double Mocha
2x Caffeine Pack