Why Does Dip Make You Sick?

Why does dip make you sick? As a tobacco and nicotine-based product, the addictive ingredients urge you to return for more or suffer the consequences (aka withdrawal symptoms). 

The toxic chemical ingredients in dip have loads of harmful repercussions on the body that make you sick. It may start as nausea but can quickly increase in severity the more frequently a person uses it.

Some of the more substantial casualties of consistent dipping include an increased risk of numerous forms of cancer. That’s why stopping dip usage as soon as possible is detrimental, and with Grinds dip alternative, you can quit once and for all! 

In this article, we’ll discuss the repercussions of continued dip usage on your health and how Grind's beneficial dip alternative can aid you in quitting dip quickly. 

Does Dip Make You Sick?

Does swallowing dip make you sick? What about just chewing dip? Does that make you sick too? 

The answer is yes. Whether chewing or swallowing dip, it can make you sick due to its various harmful ingredients that can cause severe repercussions. But to understand how dip can make you sick, let’s discuss more in depth below. 

Does Swallowing Dip Make You Sick?

Swallowing dip can cause intense nausea for considerable reasons, one of which is that most tobacco is made from harmful metals like mercury, cadmium, arsenic, cobalt, and lead. The consumption of heavy metals disrupts metabolic functions, resulting in two serious problems.

The first is that with the frequent consumption of heavy metals, they can build up. As they accumulate, heavy metals can hinder vital bodily functions of organs like the heart, liver, and kidneys. The second harm of this action is that the heavy metals can displace essential nutritional minerals from their needed place, resulting in disrupted biological functions. 

Even if You Don’t Swallow Dip, it Can Make You Sick

Without swallowing the product, using dip alone can cause other serious health risks. 

The CDC has confirmed through heavy research that dip, also known as smokeless tobacco, causes the following:

  • Increases risk of death from heart disease and stroke
  • Causes nicotine poisoning in children
  • Increases the risk for early delivery and stillbirth in pregnant women
  • Affects the development of a baby’s brain before birth when used during pregnancy
  • Causes white or gray patches inside the mouth (leukoplakia) that leads to cancer
  • Increases the risk of gum disease, tooth loss, and tooth decay
  • Causes Cancer of the mouth, pancreas, and esophagus 
  • Significantly elevates the risk of other forms of cancer

Why Does Dip Make You Sick?

As we previously discussed, dip contains harmful ingredients like heavy metals that can disrupt metabolic function, but that’s not all. Dip products are made with other widely known harmful ingredients -- nicotine and tobacco. 

The tobacco plant’s leaves are dried and fermented before being used as a main ingredient in products like a dip. Tobacco contains numerous potentially harmful chemicals, like nicotine, which narrows the veins and arteries. This causes your heart to work harder than it needs to, placing stress on this vital organ. Nicotine also slows blood circulation, reducing oxygen to the feet and hands. 

Most people don’t realize this, but dip contains more nicotine than cigarettes in regards to chewing tobacco vs smoking cigarettes. Frequent use of dip has been linked to increased risks of heart attack due to heightened levels of cholesterol and blood pressure and risk of cancer in the bladder, stomach, mouth, and esophagus (throat). 

The Long-Term Consequences of Dip Are Far More Concerning…

The nicotine in tobacco products, like dip, quickly absorbs into the blood to stimulate the brain’s reward system. This raises dopamine levels to reinforce the brain’s dependence on rewarding behaviors, which results in addiction. But what happens when you quit dipping?

When trying to quit the usage of tobacco, the addictive repercussions result in chewing tobacco withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • Lack of focus
  • Heightened irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Increased appetite
  • Intense cravings for tobacco

This makes quitting tobacco products like dip very difficult and can prevent many people from quitting in the long run. And since chewing tobacco contains more nicotine than cigarettes, overcoming the addiction to dipping is ten times more challenging. 

In the long run, dip stains and wears down the teeth, receding the gum line and causing painful mouth sores. The nicotine in tobacco products generates a decrease in muscular strength. It also impairs anaerobic performance, leading to damaging cardiovascular consequences.

Tips for Making Your Dip Addiction a Thing of the Past

If you’re looking for the best tips for how to quit chewing tobacco, you’ve come to the right place. Our top methods can help you overcome dip addiction to make it a thing of the past that you don’t want to miss out on. Read below to find out more! 

Use A Healthy Alternative To Help You Quit

Quitting dip can be highly challenging, especially when cravings and withdrawal symptoms hit. Rather than give in to your cravings and suffer the consequences of the health repercussions from tobacco, consider healthy alternatives that can do wonders in helping you quit!

At Grinds, our nicotine & tobacco-free dip can help you fend off cravings while giving you the energy needed to get through the day. So throw out your dip and take out the trash (nothing is beneath you when cravings are in full fury). Replace toxic tobacco-based dip with our chewing tobacco alternatives to help you through your first steps to quitting dip. 

And if you’re wondering, is tobacco-free chew safe? The answer is yes! Our various hard-to-beat flavors can be the perfect distraction to overpower those nagging tobacco and nicotine cravings. 

The classic wintergreen flavor teams up with coffee for an impactful refreshing taste to sharpen your mind and taste buds throughout the day. You can pick from numerous yummy flavors like Irish Cream, Cinnamon Roll-Doughboy, New Orleans-Style, and Double Mocha. Each of our Grinds pouches holds the equivalent of 1⁄4 cup of coffee, while each can contains about 4-5 cups for the ultimate caffeine punch! 

Set A Non-Negotiable Quit Date

Without a firm goal or quit date, it’s easy to become complacent and give yourself unneeded time to absolve your cravings with dipping. 

First, set a hard date for when you plan on starting your quit. Then, reinforce supportive self-talk and healthy coping mechanisms for affirming encouragement throughout. If it will help, enforce the help with people you know that can keep you accountable. 

Celebrate your successes, no matter how small! 

Establish Your WHY

Before beginning your dip-quitting journey, establish your WHY. 

Why are you quitting? Why will quitting smokeless tobacco help you in the long run? The list can go on, but confirming the reason and looking back on your WHY when it gets tough, can help block out the erratic cravings and temptations urging you to break your quit. 

Why Does Dip Make You Sick? Wrapping Things Up

Continuing to use dip is bound to leave a mark on one’s body due to the harmful chemical ingredients it is made with. Made with tobacco and nicotine, chewing dip is an addictive product that greatly increases the risk of numerous cancers, wears down the body by destroying teeth, and causes painful sores in the mouth. And these are only some of the repercussions of chewing dip, which is why it’s crucial to quit now rather than later. 

With Grind’s tobacco and nicotine-free pouches, quitting dip is more manageable thanks to its refreshing flavors and hyper boost of caffeine. Withdrawal symptoms can make you feel laggy, tired, and missing the chewing sensation.

Our healthy alternative distracts your mouth and brain without the harmful ingredients of nicotine and tobacco. Plus, adding caffeine energizes you to power through the day, so you can finally quit using damaging tobacco products. 

Quit dip today with Grind’s tobacco and nicotine-free pouches!