Welcome to the Grinds "Quit Dip" Blog Series!

Welcome to the Grind!

Welcome to the Grinds “Quit Nicotine & Tobacco” blog series. We’re glad you’re here – and we’re not just saying that – we have life changing insights and stories from over a decade in business to help achieve your goals with Grinds. 

Grinds was founded on the idea that coffee and caffeine ideally replace tobacco and nicotine, providing a healthy alternative with a kick of energy. We help chewers like you quit nicotine and tobacco to be healthier, while providing energy seekers with a near calorie-free caffeine kick. Our goal is to help you reach your health goals! It can be tough… which is exactly why we created this guide. 


First and foremost, nothing will work if you don’t. You can have the best resources, trainers, and access to the tools needed to make a change, but the first step to success is a mental one: tell yourself you are done with nicotine and tobacco. The biggest battle you will take on with tobacco is your own self-talk.

Beyond this, we believe that quitting consists of learning and understanding three key elements:

  • Awareness of ill-effects caused by nicotine and tobacco.
  • You probably have some very valid reasons for using chewing tobacco that are holding you back from fully committing to giving it up. Our blog series will explore those reasons along with the science of addictive chemicals, like nicotine. You might be surprised at the true drivers behind your tobacco use today. 

  • The science of breaking habits
  • Human beings are complex creatures and often do irrational things. A little “Psychology 101” helps us understand how the mind processes information, how our environment impacts our behavior, and how you can manipulate both to your advantage.

  • Taking steps to change behavior and redesign your environment
  • The final piece of the puzzle is proactively designing your world to support your decision to be nicotine free. We’ll show you how to open yourself up to change and make lasting improvements to the way you live your life.


    Ok, how are you feeling? That’s a lot to process and take in, which is why we’re breaking it all down over a series of blog posts! We recommend you start at the beginning and read them in order since the concepts build on top of each other. 

    Take time to read the content and think about how it might apply to you. Connect with others who are on the same journey as you, and find the support you need by also joining our Facebook Group. You can answer the journal prompts there, and read other people’s responses. You’d be surprised how many people are struggling with the same things! 


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    About Team Grinds

    Pat and Matt started Grinds nearly 12 years ago with a goal of providing a healthier alternative to chewing tobacco through coffee and caffeine. At Grinds today, we genuinely want to help you “quit” but above all else we want to help you accomplish more… whatever that may be. 

    Grinds Coffee Pouches come in both moist and dry pouches that replace tobacco and nicotine with coffee and caffeine. We developed the concept and product as the first of its kind and launched the business back in 2009 as a boot-strapped, grass roots start-up in California. 

    Today, we have our business headquarters in the heart of the midwest in Westfield, Indiana, and Grinds is now sold online and in convenience stores across the country. Our coffee pouches are helping hundreds of thousands of tobacco users and energy seekers including Major League Baseball players, NFL and NHL players, Investment Bankers, Hunters, Truckers, Dads, Brothers, Sons… the list goes on and on. Grinds comes in over a dozen flavors and intentionally is designed to appeal to a wide range of needs: whether your Skoal or Copenhagen, Mint or Black Coffee, Bourbon or Pumpkin Pie fan… we are focused on providing the highest quality, customer driven, innovative pouches on the market.  

    So... welcome to the Grind! We are so glad you’re here. With our “Try ‘Em All” pack, you can start your journey to a tobacco and nicotine free life by trying one of each flavor. Take a step forward, make a change, and let’s start grinding it out. 


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