Cinnamon Whiskey - Single Can Goody

Cinnamon Whiskey - Single Can Goody


Introducing Cinnamon Whiskey. Front-loaded with sweet cinnamon comfort and followed by a blazing ember of whiskey flavor, our new Cinnamon Whiskey is as smooth as the day is long.

Tastes Like: sweet cinnamon, with a finish of spicy whiskey

Recommended For: Cinnamon Whiskey drinkers, Atomic Fireball fans

Pouch Type: MOISTURE-LOCKED 'DRY' POUCH - less messy, longer lasting flavor

Product Info:

- Each Grinds pouch has enough caffeine for 1/2 cup of coffee
- Each can contains the caffeine equivalent of 9 cups of coffee
- Each can comes with approximately 18 pouches
- Each can weighs 18g

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