7-Day Pre-Quit Plan
Illustration of calendar
A Checklist for “The Day Before”
You’re ready. You got this.
Your quit date is quickly approaching and you’ve been putting in the work to set yourself up for success. Let’s go over a few more last-minute preparations.
Review all your journal entries thus far
Most importantly, make sure you’ve written down your reasons for quitting and give these some long, hard thought and reflection. Review any cravings and triggers you’ve already logged, and make sure you have a plan to overcome them next time.
Throw away all cans of chewing tobacco
Think about all the places you may have stored a can: desk drawer at work, nightstand by the bed, glove box in your vehicle, etc. Don’t forget about your recreational gear, too: tacklebox, workbench, vests, jackets and backpacks. Now get rid of those secret stashes so you don’t have temptation staring you down every day. If you can’t bring yourself to throw it away, give it to your accountability partner and ask them to handle it for you.
Throw away everything else that reminds you of chewing tobacco
Toss anything you’ve ever used for a spit can. You might need to get a new toothbrush. The dish of wintergreen mints kept on the kitchen counter probably has to go. Keep looking for environmental cues, and do whatever you can to mitigate them.
Consider making an appointment with your dentist and doctor
Your mouth will soon be undergoing changes as it begins to repair itself; your dentist can guide you through this process. Similarly, tobacco (or a lack thereof) can impact the effects of medications and your overall stress levels. Your doctor should know about these upcoming changes.
Switch things up and start new routines
Try taking a different route to work. Move your favorite chair at home to a different location. Rearrange your bedroom. Go for a walk instead of heading to the bar. Move your desk to a different location at the office. Anything that reminds you of dipping should be changed or altered in some way to make it less appealing and more challenging.
Bookmark our store locator
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