Welcome to Grinds: Our Story

Grinds was born out of a late-night epiphany.

Founders Matt Canepa and Pat Pezet were up one night in 2009, finishing a college project. Needing a pick-me-up, and staring at a mostly empty cupboard, they started chewing coffee grinds to give them a boost.

Their discovery immediately sparked a business idea to turn their late-night energy aid into a real product, small pouches of flavored coffee that could help people feel sharp and focused throughout the day or night.

As baseball players at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, the guys started brainstorming how their pouches could be marketed to MLB players. When they saw a campus flyer for an entrepreneurs’ meeting (with free pizza!), they knew they had to attend.

That meeting spurred them to continue developing their product, and their hard work soon led them to win first place in a campus-wide business plan competition.

At that point, Matt and Pat knew their business idea was no longer just a dorm-room experiment. They had something special on their hands.

And with that, Grinds was born.


Founders Pat Pezet (left) and Matt Canepa have taken Grinds to the MLB and beyond.


The initial iteration of the product didn’t take off the way Matt and Pat hoped.

But in late 2010, a phone call from San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy changed things. Bochy told the guys how Grinds had helped him beat his chewing tobacco habit during the Giants’ World Series-winning season.

Matt and Pat were newly inspired. They knew they had a product that could make a real difference for people—not just pros on the playing field, but anyone who was struggling to beat a chewing or dipping tobacco habit, or just needed a convenient energy boost to get through their day.


Matt and Pat present their business idea for Grinds Coffee Pouches on ABC’s Shark Tank.


So they poured their time and energy into tweaking the product, and the following year, their work began to pay off. Thanks to some key improvements to the pouches, Grinds started to find its sweet spot, and gained rave reviews from baseball players the following season.

Grinds continued to take off, and the coffee pouches (and their founders) went on to be featured on ESPN the Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fox Business Channel, and ABC’s Shark Tank.

Nearly 10 years later, Matt and Pat’s late-night wild idea has become the choice of high performers everywhere, from pro athletes in MLB, the NFL, and the NHL, to the brave men and women of our military and first responder teams, to everyday heroes looking to kick their tobacco habit or simply find an easy, healthy way to gain a boost of energy.




Grinds Makes an Impact

Grinds is committed to providing a healthy alternative to nicotine for anyone who needs a little extra energy.

From our awesome customers to the media, people everywhere are recognizing how Grinds is an awesome alternative to dangerous tobacco products and calorie-laden energy drinks.

Whether it’s pro athletes, our brave military members, office workers, weekend warriors, or college students, Grinds is becoming the choice of go-getters and energy seekers all over.


Grinds on the Playing Field

Pro baseball players looking for a great alternative to “chew.” NFL players driving for that extra edge on the gridiron. NHL players trying to keep up on the ice.

Whatever the sport, Grinds gives pro-level athletes the nicotine-free boost they need to perform at their best. Even coaches use Grinds to stay focused on the field as the action unfolds.

What They Say About Grinds

“You know Grinds, they’re actually pretty sweet. Instead of carrying a cup of coffee around which could be kind of difficult at times, you just throw it in, and it’s kind of like beef jerky and it gives you a little jump of energy.” Jeff Samardzija, pitcher, SF Giants

“Time for my morning coffee!!! Thanks” TJ Oshie, forward, Washington Capitals

“You know what I noticed in the defensive-line room of the San Diego Chargers on Thursday? Grinds Coffee Pouches. They’re used by players instead of tobacco, little pouches of coffee that give the same kind of energy jolt that the tobacco does ... and they don’t carry the danger of tobacco. 'Lots of guys use it. They like it. It’s safer,' Dwight Freeney told me.”
Peter King, Sports Illustrated, MMQB


Grinds on the Front Lines

Grinds are a versatile energy enhancer for personnel answering the call of duty, whether on the battlefield or in our communities as police, firefighters, and EMTs.

Grinds is ready to go when you’re training with your unit, or looking for a way to stay alert on those long, late-night shifts in the police department, ER, or fire station.

What They Say About Grinds

“I have been dipping tobacco products for over 25 years. After several unsuccessful attempts using other non tobacco products and prescription medication I was turned onto Grinds. I am now tobacco free thanks to your fine product. It is very satisfying and gives a great energy boost. A huge fan.”
Senior Chief Gene Moye, U.S. Navy SEAL

“Your product solves our problems in many ways... It's a compact, easily packable or pocket-able product. It's an extremely cheap alternative to the $2-3, 100-200 calorie energy drinks soldiers are buying. They can be used anywhere, at any time. They can be used while laying in an ambush position, or on a run. They can be used in long briefs or in formation where spitting is prohibited.”
SGT Derek H., U.S. Army

“I used to ‘dip’ instant coffee in the Marine Corps anytime I was on guard duty. Pretty cool to see this product lol.”
Jeffrey, @StandardFifty (Twitter)


Grinds for Every Day

Grinds is more than just a go-to option for elite performers. It’s also a great energy-boosting option for everyday folks.

Grinds helps nine-to-fivers push through the mid-afternoon office slump without costly, sugary energy drinks. Outdoor adventurers can stash Grinds in their pack to stay focused on a full-day hunting or fishing trip. And Grinds can help college students power through that all-night study session or 8 a.m. midterm.

What They Say About Grinds

“@getGRINDS These Grinds are real good. Dipped for 44 years, this is helping, ALOT. Really like the Vanilla and Black Coffee.”
Zane Wines, Gooding, ID (Twitter)

“If you’re a coffee fan you’ll fall in love with Grinds from the word go.”
Chewie, killthecan.org

“WAS a dipper for 24 years. Proud to say I'm tobacco free a month now, and I give 99% of the credit to these delicious pouches!! Had to give me at least 1%.”
Marc Cavalli, Amazon review




What You Should Know About Smokeless Tobacco

Smokeless tobacco has become a popular alternative to cigarettes for many people—but that doesn’t make it a good choice.

Like cigarettes, smokeless tobacco (snuff or chewing tobacco) contains nicotine, a powerful, addictive substance that causes changes in the way you think and act. If you’re a dipper or a smoker, this isn’t news to you. If you are addicted to nicotine, you crave the “buzz” you get from using smokeless tobacco, and you have to use more and more to get the effect you want.

Some people see smokeless tobacco as a “healthier” alternative to smoking cigarettes. But the truth is, smokeless tobacco can cause many health problems.

These problems can be both immediate and longer term. They can include stained teeth, recessed gums, mouth sores, bad breath, and over time, even mouth cancer. Nicotine from smokeless tobacco also raises blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and can increase the risk of having a heart attack.

While the downsides of smokeless tobacco are pretty clear, it can still be hard to quit.

Chewing or dipping smokeless tobacco puts even more nicotine into your bloodstream than cigarettes do. This is one reason why people who chew or dip tobacco regularly may find quitting smokeless tobacco even harder than quitting cigarette smoking.

Breaking this habit may also be difficult if you’re used to using smokeless tobacco in certain situations or with certain people. For example, you might always chew tobacco when you go to a sporting event or when you watch TV.

However, many smokeless tobacco users have quit successfully—and so can you.

Quitting a smokeless tobacco habit can be challenging, but you have lots of resources and strategies at your disposal to help you succeed! Here are some things you can do to make it easier to quit.

  • Write down your reasons for wanting to quit. These could include saving money, protecting your health, and being a good example to friends and family. Keep your list in places where you can see it often. 
  • Set a date to quit and stick to it. Quitting can be hard, so develop a plan that works for you.
  • Prepare yourself for quitting by identifying the times when you will want smokeless tobacco the most. Plan to avoid those situations or to have tobacco substitutes with you (such as sunflower seeds or chewing gum).
  • Get rid of all your chewing tobacco or snuff before your quit date. Start cutting down now on the amount you chew or dip.
  • Find an oral substitute for smokeless tobacco that you enjoy. This may be sugarless gum, hard candy, beef jerky or sunflower seeds. Don’t substitute cigarette smoking for smokeless tobacco.
  • Find activities to do when you want to chew or dip. Many people chew or dip when they are bored. Instead, take a walk or a quick jog, lift weights, take a hot shower to relax, or do any activity you enjoy that will keep your mind off smokeless tobacco.
  • Get support from your family and friends. Even better, have a friend or family member who uses smokeless tobacco stop chewing or dipping at the same time that you do. Studies have shown that people who have the support of family and friends are more successful at quitting.
  • Talk to your doctor, who may be able to suggest whether a nicotine gum or another nicotine replacement product is right for you. He or she may also be able to recommend a support program that might help you quit.
  • Don’t stress out if you slip up and start chewing or dipping smokeless tobacco again! This is normal. Instead, learn from your slip. Think about what you can do to avoid that situation the next time. Plan ways to handle things without going back to using smokeless tobacco.

Once you quit, congratulate yourself. You’ve worked hard! Celebrate your success by using the money you would have spent on smokeless tobacco to buy yourself a present or do something that you enjoy.




Start Grinding, People

Ready for some good old-fashioned raw energy that’s ready anytime you are?

If you’re trying to put your smokeless tobacco habit in the rearview mirror, or just looking for an easy way to get a little more energy throughout the day, give Grinds Coffee Pouches a try.