Here is what people are saying

“I like black coffee as drink so it made quitting tobacco quite simple for me.”

– Jason W.

“’s the right blend of coffee and flavour without being too sweet.”

– Stace B.

“Great flavor and takes care of the coffee and vanilla cravings.

– Eric S.
Here is what people are saying

“It tastes like an after dinner mint, subtle cool flavor with a hint of coffee.”

– David M.

“The mix of the coffee with cherry give off notes of mocha and remind me of Cherry Garcia Ice Cream.”

– Brent J

“Like the tingle and flavor is long lasting.”

– Buck W.
Here is what people are saying

“The mocha is dark and chocolatey.  Gives a chocolate fix in the middle of the day.”

– Dan L.

“Like a Cinnabon cinnamon roll and a swig of coffee!”

– Darren G.

“Tastes like Andes Candies.”

– Devin A.

“A black coffee and a carmel. It tastes like your favorite morning beverage from one of those coffee shops !!!!”

– Mike P.